Thursday, June 16, 2011

My weekend with YARA SOFIA DEL MAR

So this happened a few months ago when Rupal's Dragh Race was still on. Yara was still in the competition and the episode before we met was the one where Carmen Carrera got eliminated lol... She loved Reggae So My friends from our local magazine FEVER brought her to perform for the opening of a local gay club ALIVE. She was to arrive on Wednesday night and perform Thursday for the opening of the club:
I was helping them pass out flyers at other gay bars when the time came for them to leave and pick her up from the airport! I stayed at one of the bars THE MINNING and got word she wanted to come out, So I met her that Wednesday as a boy :) super cute BTW!

So the next day I had to go to work and guess who wants to stop by and say HI! YESSS! She went to visit me @ the counter where I work! Some people recognized her and she was gracious to take pics. Flash forward, I get off work and head to ALIVE and I got myself a REDBULL VODKA when she shows up, all GLAMED UP!

We all walk inside and get drinks and wait for more people to show up. FUNNEST PERSON EVER!!! I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER. We kept making each other laugh and her laugh is F*CKING CONTAGIOUS....""JAAAAAJAAAAAA!" I got to hung out with her for the next 2 nights and I have never had sooo much fun! It was an honor to get to meet someone sooo cool and down to Earth. Here are some pics I took of those nights! OH!!!! her first performance that night was SIIIIIIICKING!! MONICA NARAJO'S DESATAME WAS FAN F*CKING TABULOUS!

The next day she performed a Mexican song and wore a Huge Mexican cowboy hat, which by the way she ended up gicing to my friend Luis because it was toooooo nig for her and he ended up giving it to me!! It still has the glitter on it!


This is a pic of Yara and my friend ISAI ;)
So I hope you liked coming on this little journey
PLease leave me a comment on what you thought, Id LOVE TO HEAR THEM :)


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