Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome to my BLOG!

My name is David and Ive loved make-up since I was a little kid. I used to watch my mom put on her make-up and get ready in the morning. I loved how she transformed herself into anyone she wanted. She was not afraid of color and colored mascaras! I now work as a make-up artist for one of the BEST if not the best company out there. Its the same name as a very popular computer with an apple logo.  Im here to give you any advice you have on make-up, skincare and anything beauty and fun related! So stop by and drop me a line, comment, question or concern! I have a YOUTUBE channel od the same name, so Id love it if you stopped by and subscribed. GUYS AND GIRLS AND IN BETWEEN WELCOME! WHat to expect from my BLOG: SWATCHES, IM A SWATCH WHORE, TUTORIALS, HAULS. Things that happen in my working life. The life of a make-up artist. :)

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